pop galleries

Fancy a Pop Art trip around the world? Here are some galleries you should not miss out on, since they not only have Warhol's work on display but also that of other Pop artists...


Needless to say: my favourite museum in the world!

Definitely worth a visit if you ever end up in Pittsburgh! The city itself is really lovely and has a lot to offer. After just a short walk over the Andy-Warhol-Bridge you will find yourself in front of the museum. 

Their staff is friendly and will help you with any queries, for example how to get to the cemetary where Andy Warhol is buried.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Here you will be able to see one of Warhol's Oxidation Paintings (aka Piss Paintings) and some of his screen-prints, such as the red electric chair painting.

In general, the entire building is impressive! The famous rotunda is decorated with paintings of the American painter John Singer Sargent who spent his entire life in Europe.

Home of (at least two of) Warhol's Brillo Boxes! Some screen-prints are on display as well.

The Museum also hosts a large collection of Marcel Duchamp's works (amongst others his famous Nude Descending a Staircase).

UKTate Modern, London

Warhol's Silver Elvises can be found here, as well as some works by Claes Oldenburg and Roy Lichtenstein. Free entrance, except for special exhibitions.

Tate Liverpool, Liverpool

Always some Warhol on display... plus, free entrance and a beautiful view of the Mersey river.

GERMANYMuseum Brandhorst, M√ľnchen

The Brandhorst hosts one of the largest Warhol collections in Europe! Don't miss out on it! The Building is amazing, too. Unique in its architectural design AND eco friendly.

Located in Berlin's city centre the Hamburger Bahnhof has Warhol's massive Mao painting on display, as well as one of his Electric Chairs, a Marilyn painting and a large Hammer and Sickle screen-print. The piece I liked the most was the glittery Joseph Beuys portrait. 

Speaking of Beuys, many of his sculptures are also exhibited in this gallery. There are also two of Keith Haring's works on display and a large Julian Schnabel painting. All in all, well worth a visit.

MMK, Frankfurt


Moco, Amsterdam

The Moco is definitely worth a visit. The collection of Warhol's isn't the largest in Europe but there are some exquisit pieces in this gallery. 

The building itself is actually worth a visit, even if it did not contain Warhol's works. Make sure you come here early though. Otherwise it might get a bit crowded.


The Warhol City Museum, Medzilaborciac

The small Slowakian town Medzilaborciac, where Warhol's parents came from, is of course very proud of its heritage. The museum opened in 1991, a couple of years earlier than the one in Pittsburgh, but is lesser-known. However, the true Warhol fan will travel there for the sheer passion that the people of Medzilaborciac show for the Warhola family.