how Warholian are you?

Ever wondered how much Warhol you are? 
Find out! Take the test!

Choose one answer to each question below... 
 count the a's, b's and c's and see your results at the end:

1) When asked about your favorite artist you say... 

Geee.... I don't know really.... they are all good! (a) 
All of the Abstract Expressionists. They are my very best friends! (c) 
Pablo Picasso (a) 

2) Your favorite way of passing time is...

hunting (c) 
watching television all day (a) 
painting (b) 

3) Things that fascinate you are...

boring (a) 
original (c) 
expensive (b) 

4) As a pet you prefer...

cats (a) 
birds (b) 
dogs... but basically you love all animals (a) 

5) When someone close to you dies you...

give a long speech at their funeral (c) 
you regret not having been there with a camera/tape recorder to record their final breaths/steps (a) 
you want a cheap funeral for them (a) 

6) Your biggest problem is...

your skin (a) 
coming up with new creative ideas (c) 
deciding which parties to attend this weekend (a) 

7) Your aim in life is...

becoming an artist like Pablo Picasso (a) 
having a family (c) 
becoming famous (a) 

8) Sex...

fascinates you (a) 
scares you (a) 
is your favourite hobby (c) 

9) On a Sunday...

you cure your hangover (b) 
you go to church (a) 
you are bored because nothing is open except flower and book stores (a) 

10) Your experiences with drugs are...

expansive (c) 
restricted to a small amount of amphetamine in your appetite suppressant (a) 
huh? ... what? .... awwwww man...... so many colors... man! (c) 

Now count your a's, b's and c's....

each a = 2 points

each b = 1 point

each c = 0 points

How many points did you get?

0 - 10: 
You are Andy's absolute opposite! Nothing at all like him... it is up to you to determine whether you like this idea or not 😊

11 - 20:
You might be more Warhol than you think you are!
Ever had an enormous craving for soup? Or, felt inexplicably attracted to cows and communist leaders? Well, this might be an explanation. 

21 or more:
WOW! You seem to have Andy's spirit! Could it be that you're his reincarnation? Check your birthday! If it's after the 22nd February 1987 you should seriously consider this possibility!