phd research

dissertation title: 
The Concept of Aestheticization and Its Significance in the Digital Age (working title)

Born in Germany, I have lived in the UK for the past five years. With a background in English & American Studies, Art History & Cultural Institutions, I am been a PhD student at the University of Liverpool’s Philosophy Department since 2014. My research focuses on the concept of aestheticization and its significance in the digital age. I am especially interested in the impact that digital technologies and art reproductions have on our aesthetic experiences. The works of Jean Baudrillard are especially relevant to my research. Currently I am working on my chapter on Baudrillard’s theory of transaesthetics and the role that Andy Warhol plays in his writings on aesthetics and the arts. Since I started my PhD, I have taught UG seminars on Reading and Writing Philosophy, Arts and Aesthetics and Political Philosophy and have gained the status of Higher Education Academy Fellow, Recognition Reference: PR087032. If you want to know more about my research, if you are interested in a collaboration or if you have any other questions, please send an e-mail to

Dr Nikolaos Gkogkas, Dr Panayiota Vassilopoulou

areas of interest: 
aesthetics, philosophy of art, political philosophy, continental philosophy, modernism, postmodernism, structuralism, post structuralism, French theory, art history, Jean Baudrillard, Andy Warhol

'The Sublime of Machine Produced Art', International Journal of Baudrillard Studies, Volume 13, Number 2 (July 2016)

public talks and conferences:
09/2017 Rise Gallery, Croydon, South London, UK
08/2017 Garden of Resistance, Metal Liverpool, UK
07/2017 Philosopher’s Rally, Breslau, Poland
06/2016 ESA Annual Conference, Barcelona, Spain
05/2016 Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK
04/2016 BSA PG Conference, Southampton, UK
02/2015 DAA Conference, KU Leuven, Belgium
12/2014 Transmitting Andy Warhol, Tate Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
external engagement:
I have been involved with the University of Liverpool’s LiNK project. In this context, I have collaborated with Open Eye Gallery Liverpool and FACT (Foundation for the Arts and Creative Technology) Liverpool.