Monday, 22 August 2016

# 337

It was my birthday last week and I went to Amsterdam to meet up with some friends of mine and to see the Warhol/Banksy exhibition at the Moco. In general, I have to say I was shocked about the prices for museum tickets in Amsterdam (most of them don't even offer a student discount), so I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Moco ticket was 'only' 10€. I went there at about 10.30am on Sunday and was happy to see that there was no line in front of the building (unlike the VanGogh Museum). This rapidly changed while I was walking through the exhibition. There is definitely plenty to see but the rooms aren't very big so only 30min later, it was starting to get crowded and a line at the ticket counter had developed after all (therefore my advice is: go as early as you can). 

The Banksy works alone were definitely worth the money, although I always find it weird to see his stuff exhibited in galleries rather than 'bumping into it' on the street. However, as we all know, I was really there for the Warhols, which were located downstairs. Most of the works there were familiar to me, Marylin, Liz, Jackie, his shoe drawings and the Cow head. Still, there were a few works I encountered for the first time, for example a large flower sketch/drawing, a Donald Duck screen print from the 80s and a black and white female nude print. What made the visit really pleasant was the environment in which the works were exhibited. The Moco building is an old villa with beautifully decorated windows and ceilings. The posh interior certainly would have been to Warhol's taste, I believe, and while there were the usual labels and CCTV signs there were no tense museum guards watching your every step. And you are allowed to take photos!

By now, I know enough about the strict rules of the Warhol Foundation to not share all of my private photos of Warhol's works here on this blog, but it is nice to have some souvenir pictures for once. All in all, I can say that I have come another step closer to my (unrealistic) goal to see all of Warhol's works on this planet (unrealistic because 1. a big part of them are in private collections and 2. because it would probably take two lifetimes to travel to all places that show Warhol's work,  3. because I don't have the cash). Speaking of cash: while strolling through Amsterdam with my friends, I also saw a lot of galleries selling Warhol's paintings and I went into one of them out of sheer curiosity. Having only one glimpse at the price label made me feel dizzy. If I suddenly became filthy rich, I'd probably want to buy one of the Death and Disaster paintings (once again: unrealistic!), but for now visiting as many Warhol exhibitions as I can is already expensive enough.

P.S.: The day before I went to the Moco exhibition, me and my friends got tickets to the Stedelijk Museum for 15€ each. I don't know why there are no student discounts available but if you are a Warhol fan like myself you will still pay the price to see the black and white photographs by Warhol and one Death and Disaster painting. 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

# 336

Monday, 1 August 2016

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