Tuesday, 21 July 2015

# 276

"I don't understand anything except GREEN BILLS. Not negotiable bonds, not personal checks, not Traveller's Checks. And if you give anybody a hundred-dollar bill in the SUPERMARKET, they call the manager. Money is SUSPICIOUS, because people think you're not supposed to have it, even if you do have it." --- Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

Monday, 20 July 2015

# 275

Rant time! 

Despite the fact that I’m turning 28 in a few weeks, most people think that I look younger than I am…. which is fine by me, I don’t really care too much about age…. but here’s what’s bugging me big time. Being asked for ID while buying alcohol may be funny, cute, flattering, whatever… happens to ladies and gents alike... but getting the ‘airhead’-treatment because you look younger than you are and because you happen to be female is not just rude, it’s WRONG. Some examples: I’m in a hardware store shopping for lightbulbs when an elderly guy approaches me telling me which lightbulbs I need, given the sample in my hand, because, CLEARLY, I cannot possibly know anything about the difference between watt and voltage. Or, a taxi driver in Dublin assuming that my anxiety to miss my flight to LA stems from the fact that I’m a ‘young chicken’. Or, an older guy at the office assuming that I don’t know how to assemble the coffee machine correctly. Or, a male undergrad student who thinks he needs to explain fundamental Freudian concepts to someone who has read Freud’s books as a teenager just because he thinks I’m his age and could not possibly be as well-read as him, then reacting almost shocked about finding out that I’m postgrad and 7 years older than he thought. Or, an older male lecturer coming up to me at a conference saying ‘you better cover your ass, girl’ (not commenting on my clothes but on research I’m doing) etc etc etc etc. I seriously have to ask myself what (not just older) men think they are doing. I cannot recall a woman treating me in such a patronizing way. I know sometimes people just want to be helpful but when I’m constantly addressed as ‘girl’, ‘love’, ‘honey’, ‘chicken’ I KNOW that I’m not being taken seriously as a person/woman! Apparently, it doesn’t really matter that I have had my fare share of pleasant and unpleasant life experiences, that I’m doing a PhD and that I have worked really FUCKING hard to get to where I am right now, that I’ve travelled a lot (on my own) and that I speak at least two languages fluently. So why does all of this even annoy me? I could just not give a fuck and shrug it off. But that’s exactly the problem. I refuse to accept the moronic behaviour of men who keep talking and interacting with (younger) women as if they are inferior, less qualified and in general just in desperate need of help and protection by a ‘strong', older dude. I say BULLSHIT! I will ask for help if I need it and I don’t want to be patronized because of my gender/age group. Also, I just don’t appreciate people telling me what to do! Plus, I have to ask, how many (young) men actually get into situations like I’ve described above???? See my point?

Thursday, 9 July 2015

# 274

"It is all the more necessary to talk about art now that there is nothing to say about it.” — Jean Baudrillard, The Conspiracy of Art

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

# 273

Q: "What do your rows of Campbell soup cans signify?"

A: "They're things I had when I was a child."