Wednesday, 29 May 2013

# 90

packing my things to go to London and then Germany for a couple of days :) 

... this video shows an Andy Warhol exhibition in Amberg, Germany, last year... near my original home town in Bavaria ... I find it really funny because it presents everything in a very pompous way although Amberg itself is rather small ... nevertheless, the exhibition was great!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

# 89

It feels so good to have all my assignments handed in!!!! Enjoying my new freedom :) .... now I'm only one dissertation away from my MA in Philosophy and from starting my PhD in October .... but for now I have time for things like this ... by the way, I have a similar fish at home :D

Monday, 27 May 2013

# 88

"What is good about Warhol is that he is Stoical, agnostic, puritanical and heretical all at the same time. Having all the qualities, he generously credits all around him with them. The world is there, and it's excellent. People are there, and they're OK. They have no need to believe in what they are doing, they're perfect. He is the best, but everyone's a genius. Never before has the privilege of the creator been squashed in such a way, by a kind of maximalist irony." --- Jean Baudrillard, The Perfect Crime

Saturday, 25 May 2013

# 87

"People should fall in love with their eyes closed. Just close your eyes. Don't look." --- Andy Warhol

Sunday, 19 May 2013

# 85

With all the essays that I have to write at the moment I catch myself daydreaming about my time in the US ... exactly one year ago I was in New York City at the MoMa and I remember seeing the famous 'Dial-A-Poem' telephones ... they were created for a project initiated by Andy Warhol's former lover and Beat Poet John Giorno ... he had the idea after a telephone conversation with William S. Burroughs in 1968 ... one could just dial a number and listen one of Giorno's recorded poems ...
Why does this service not exist anymore? It would be such a lovely thing ... 'Ah, I have writers block! What can I do??? Oh... I know, just Dial - A - Poem and get your inspiration flowing' ... wouldn't it be nice ...

Friday, 17 May 2013

# 84

For a couple of days now I have been slaving my way through first drafts of my philosophy essays ... At the moment I'm researching why art can be seen as a form of fetish (arguing that Walter Benjamin's concept of an artworks aura is in itself nothing else than a fetish) ... and, what can I say, again, everything leads back to Warhol!

Yesterday, I read this fascinating paper comparing and contrasting the French psycho-analayst Jacques Lacan with Andy Warhol (author: Catherine Liu, title: Lacan's afterlife: Jacques Lacan meets Andy Warhol, in: Cambridge Companion to Lacan). Of course, anyone who is familiar with Jean Baudrillard's theories already knows that Andy Warhol is a prime case of fetishisation. It is kind of old news. Nevertheless, I am psyched (literally) about all these connections that can be made between Warhol as a person, his artworks and all those different theorists and philosophers! 

Another wonderful paper was recommended to me by my lovely flatmate (she's a scholar in pop music and Michael Jackson) and it literally blew my mind in terms of how much Walter Benjamin and Andy Warhol make a perfect match when it comes to theories about collecting and collector's fetishes. For anyone interested, the title of the paper is 'Like: Collecting and Collectivity', written by Jonathan Flateley in October, copyright of MIT Press. So, if anyone wants to jump onto the nerd-wagon with me and ride the theoretical train about Warhol and philosophy, please do get in touch!

Back to my essays. Over and out.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

# 83

Warhol quote of the week:

"I believe in living in one room. One empty room with just a bed, a tray, and a suitcase. You can do everything either from your bed or in your bed - eat, sleep, think, get exercise, smoke - and you would have a bathroom and a telephone right next to the bed. Everything is more glamorous when you do it in bed, anyway. Even peeling potatoes."

Thursday, 9 May 2013

# 82

Taylor Mead, you will be missed ...

# 81

My favourite part from Andy Warhol's book Popism:

"One afternoon as I was silkscreening some Jackie canvases, I watched Lou answer the phone, then hand it over to Silver George who identified himself: 'Yes, this is Andy Warhol.' That was fine with me. Everybody at the Factory did that. By late '66 I wasn't taking as many calls as I used to - there where just too many. (I think I'd stopped returning the calls on my answering service around the middle of '66.) Anyway, it was more fun to let other people take the calls for me, and I'd sometimes read interviews with me (supposedly) that I'd never given at all, that had been done over the phone.
'You want me to describe myself?' Silver George was saying. He looked at me as if to say, 'You don't care if I do this, right?' I asked who it was and when he said it was a high school paper, I motioned for him to go ahead.
'Well, I wear what everyone else around the Factory wears,' he said, looking over at me as a reference. 'A striped T-shirt - little too short - over another T-shirt, that's how we like them ... and Levi's ... and thick belts and' - he looked down at my feet - 'I finally stopped wearing ugly black engineer boots with the strap across them- I've moved into more refined Beatles boots with a zipper on the side ...' He listened for a few moments. 'Well, I would call myself - youthful-looking. I have a slightly faggy air, and I do little artistic movements ... ' I looked up from my painting. I'd thought all they wanted was a fashion description, but it didn't matter, I was 99 percent passive those days, so I just let Silver George go on describing me - whatever he said couldn't be any worse than the way a lot of journalists described me anyway.
'Well, I have very nice hands,' he said, 'very expressive. People always say how aware they are that they're talented hands. I keep them in response or touching each other, or sometimes I wrap my arms around myself. I'm always very conscious of where my hands are ... But the first thing you notice about me is my skin. It's translucent - you can really see my veins - and it's gray, but it's pink, too ... My build? Well, it's very flat, and if I gain weight it's usually all in my hips and stomach. And I'm small-shouldered and I'm probably the same dimension at my waist as I am at my chest ... ' Silver George really had momentum now. ' ... and my legs are very narrow and I have tiny little ankles - and I'm a little birdlike from my bios down - I sort of narrow in and taper down toward my feet ... 'Birdlike,' ... right ... and I carry myself square like a unit. And I'm rigid - very conservative about my movements; I have a little bit of an old lady thing there. I don't look like I could walk very far - like maybe from the door to the cab or something - and my new boots have sort of high heels, so I walk a little like a woman, on the balls of my feet - but actually, I'm very ... hardy ... Okay?'
It sounded like the interview was over. 'No, it was no trouble,' Silver George told the high school newspaper. 'Oh, well, right now we're just working hard, doing lots of projects - have you seen Chelsea Girls yet? ... Yeah, well, will you send us a few copies of the interview when it comes out?'
When Silver George hung up, he said they were really thrilled because they'd heard I never talked and here I'd just said more to them than anybody they'd ever interviewed. They'd also said how surprised they were that I could be so objective about myself."

Sunday, 5 May 2013

# 80

"I was trying to think the other day about what you do now in America if you want to be successful. Before, you were dependable and wore a good suit. Looking around, I guess that today you have to do all the same things but not wear a good suit. I guess that's all it is. Think rich. Look poor." --- Andy Warhol

Wednesday, 1 May 2013